A Way Out

A Way Out


A Way Out is a multiplayer game which was released on 23rd March 2018 by Electronic Arts(EA) and it was developed by Hazelight Studios. It is available for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. 
It is an action-adventure split screen multiplayer game. The 2 characters who can be seen above are the characters which the players play the game with who are trying to jailbreak because they are innocent and have been framed.

How is it?

A Way Out is a really good game if you are trying to find a great multiplayer co-op game. You cannot play this game single player because it is only split screen co-op game, so you will be needing a friend by your side. This game has been greatly developed by Hazelight Studios because you get to choose any one from the 2 Characters(you can change the character when you play again from save). The story starts with both the character in the jail and your task is to team up with your friend and breakout from the jail, because both are innocent and have been framed. However there is a twist in the end which I am not going to tell you because it would totally destroy your experience of completing the game because then you would already know what is happening and why. 

Should you really play 'A Way Out'?

Well, I would definitely recommend that you play ‘A Way Out’, but I would also recommend that you play this game with your friend by your side and not to choose online friend because it would totally hamper your great experience which you are going to get after playing this game with a friend with you and trust me, you aren’t going to like it but love it. And I am saying this because I have played this game with my brother and it has been added in the list of my favorite games ever. So without wasting time, enjoy playing this game. It is one of the best multiplayer games. 

Can you play it?

Well as it is not a real hardcore game so you don’t have to worry about the specs requirements. Even if you have have a low budget PC then also you can run this game smoothly not at 1080p though but at 720p but if you have and i3 and GTX 650Ti, you can run it, however ram might be an issue because it need at least 8 GB of RAM. If you are a gamer then you I am sure that this game can run pretty smoothly in your PC. 

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